Jazz Studies

Sophomore Qualifying Exam

At the end of the sophomore year, the jazz studies major is expected to take the Sophomore Qualifying Examination. This is a performance examination. Below is a list of criteria expected for this exam.

  • Scales¬†& derivative modes
    • Major &¬†minor
    • Major-based modes & melodic minor-based modes
  • 24 Jazz standards (designated by jazz faculty. Will only perform 1 or 2 during exam.)
    • Varied styles
    • Memorize
      • Melody
      • Harmony
      • Improvisation
    • Standard key
    • Capability to perform with or without accompaniment.
  • Knowledge of jazz history and players with emphasis on performers of the related applied instrument.
  • One classical piece from the standard repertoire. Designated by the major applied professor.

Jazz Jury Exam Information and Sophomore Qualifying Song List