Upper Division Applied Audition (300 level applied)

At the end of the sophomore year, the jazz studies major is expected to take the Upper Division Applied Audition to continue study at the MUA 300 level. This is a performance examination.

Below is a list of criteria expected for this exam:

  • Scales¬†& derivative modes
    • Major &¬†minor
    • Major-based modes & melodic minor-based modes
  • 24 Jazz standards (designated by jazz faculty. Will only perform 1 or 2 during exam.)
    • Varied styles
    • Memorize
      • Melody
      • Harmony
      • Improvisation
    • Standard key
    • Capability to perform with or without accompaniment.
  • Knowledge of jazz history and players with emphasis on performers of the related applied instrument.
  • One classical piece from the standard repertoire. Designated by the major applied professor.

Jazz Jury Exam Information and Upper Division Applied Audition Song List

If you have any questions about the process, contact the director of the Jazz Studies program, Christopher Kozak.